On our page we evaluated pages related to citing sources for bibliographies for papers. We found that many of these sites were user friendly and included much more information than originally intended. I chose to evaluate, which is a generator for citations. This site was able to help students by allowing them to plug and chug information about each cite to create a citation. This did not inform to student on how to create their own with out the help of the generators. By rating these pages students will be able to find a page that makes it easier to distinguish which page to use for themselves. We help eliminate sites that do not have the appropriate information for particular projects. 

When evaluating the Purdue OWL website I kept in mind that this website would be most useful when teaching student how to thoroughly and accurately cite sources using APA format. On the evaluation form that we created we wanted to make sure that the website was providing correct information. There are a lot of websites on the internet that both students and teachers have access to, but they are not all reliable. By having a question that evaluated the reliability of the contents of the website it allows us to analyze the usefulness of the resource. We also wanted to include questions on the survey that allowed people to know if the website was more teacher-friendly or more student-friendly. We thought that it was important to differentiate the websites that did all of the work for the students from the websites that taught the students how to do the citations on their own. Overall Purdue OWL was an extremely helpful and accurate resource for both students and teachers to use. This site has workshops that contain power points explaining the way to cite different sources. This site is easy to navigate and allows the students get all the information needed without completely doing the citation for them. Based on the criteria that we were using to judge the teaching resources, Purdue OWL has an almost perfect score on our evaluation. 

      For our page, we chose our topic on websites that had to do with citing sources that are used to write papers. The sites we found had all the information that we needed as well as much more. The source that I chose to evaluate was Diana Hacker, which is a site for both MLA and APA citiations. On this site you can learn how to site from all types of sources as well as learning how to do in text citations for your paper. For the evaluation we mainly asked statements about whether or not it helped to learn how to cite. The criteria on the evaluation is important because it helps use know whether the citation information for the websites that we chose were helpful/useful or not. 

       Four our page, we evaluated various websites that had to do with creating citations. I chose to evaluate BibMe, which can be used for both MLA and APA citations. This site was very helpful in creating citations, as it does all the work for you. You select which type of formatting you would like to use and then the source type. From there, simply copy in the URL of a website or title of whichever type of paper sources and it fills in the rest of the information with the correct format. I found it to be fairly accurate in using websites, though I'm not sure how well it would work with printed sources. It also doesn't teach students how to actually create bibliographies on their own. So, while the website was useful, it didn't meat the full criteria of our evaluation because it did not teach students, but provide them with a shortcut.

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